Company Profile
Company Name Edovance Corporations (Edovance Co. LTD)
Street Address BB Building, 1-8-8 Ryogoku, Sumida Ward. Tokyo,
Japan. Postal Code - 130-0026 (Google MAP)
CEO Tadaoimi Oonuki
Date of establishment November 2, 1999
Capital 3,000,000 yen
Employees Salespeople (3). Pattern Makers (3). Administration (1).
Full-time Employees (30). Part-time employees (2)
Business contents Description Cutting and sewing. Knitted garments. Accessories
(shoes, bags etc). Manufacturing and Sales.
Suppliers · Marubeni Fashion Link Co., Ltd.
· ITOCHU Mode Pal Inc.
· Teijin Frontier Co., Ltd.
Over 70 other brand names and companies
Main Suppliers · Fujisaki Textile Co., Ltd.
· Morishita Co.,Ltd.
· Yagi Co.
· Watanabeya Co.
· KINAN knitting corp.
· Minami Corporation
· Maruwa Knitting Co., Ltd.
Our factory ・Head Office and Factory located in Ryogoku, Sumida Ward.Tokyo, Japan  (18 people)
・Okinawa branch. No 1, Tahara 229. Naha-shi,. Okinawa Prefecture, Japan  (12 people)
・JAYRO Company LTD. Kamikawahara 210-1 Takanashi Daisen. Akita prefecture, Japan   (14people)
Subcontract factory 10 companies in Tokyo / 10 regional companies
History ■October 1999
Started in Minami Nojosaki, Edogawa Ward with 3 employees and a capital of 3 million yen.
Became a cooperate factory and establish and OEM business.
■June 2003
Relocation of head office to New Ohashi Bridge in Koto Ward.
■October 2010
Second relocation to our current factory in Sumida Ward.
■June 2014
Changed the company name to Edovance Corporation. Introduced the CAM system (Automatic Cutting Machine). Increased the number of sewing staff.
■June 2016
Introduced full scale production for knitwear.
■July 2017
Established a second factory in the city of Naha, Okinawa prefecture.

With a special thanks to the cooperation of factories nationwide from Akita to Oita, we have been able to produce garments with a focus on high quality and a fast turn around times. With our expertise on a wide range of fabrics, knitwear, working with leather etc our standard cannot be replicated anywhere else.

Edovance also produces collection samples, costumes and garments in small lots.

We look forward to working with you.