About our company Logo

“Edovance”, the name of our company is made up of two meanings. “Edo” is the former name of Tokyo before it became the capital of Japan. The term “Vance” is meant to capture the feeling of being outgoing. These two words together conveys our uninhibited spirit originating from the heart of Tokyo. For our logo, we chose a wolf barking at the moon, or “shouting towards to the world”.

The Japanese textile industry has recently been in danger of becoming extinct due to multiple factors including fewer young craftsmen entering the industry and competition from factories in other countries. We have decided to face this head-on by discovering new technological practices to stay a head of the competition. It is our aim to create a manufacturing center based in Tokyo.

As a factory capable of creating multiple kinds of garments including swimwear, underwear using the latest sewing techniques; our number one priority is a speed and quality that cannot be found anywhere else in Japan.