Our greatest asset is our staff.

We are often told by our customers that no other factory exists like ours. The main reason for this is because our staff members all work together to maintain the quality and speed not found anywhere else. At the moment there are about eighty brands local and overseas that we have worked with.

With our diverse staff and their extensive experience in the industry, we are able to respond to our clients’ various needs with a quick turn-around time and garments with superb quality and finish.

. Sewing staff
From standard sewing machines to special purpose units, our staff possesses the skills to operate many different types of machines. The high technical ability of our staff is one of the main reasons why we can respond flexibly and promptly to the demands of our clients.

. Sales / Productions staff
We take great measures to respond to various requests from our clients. A high value is always placed not just on taking orders, but anticipating the distinct needs of our clients.

Our full-scale systems include the latest CAD / CAM pattern cutting technologies and garment pressing to consistently guarantee the highest quality in all of the garments and accessories that we produce.

. Pattern Makers
Our in house pattern makers have industry wide experience and high technical capabilities from working on numerous patterns over a long period of time. Over the years many of our garments have been shown in Paris and Tokyo collections. In addition to individual patterns unique to each brand, we also
produce ready made patterns used for mass produced garments.

Three needle sewing

TPS sewing

Flat seamer sewing

Four needle sewing